About Ibble IT

How did Ibble Start?

Back in 2007, I was often flicking though the local paper, popping to PC world or talking about computers with people (Usually as soon as my trade was known, it’s a natural progression for conversation, and usually containing a lot of “choice” words towards their technology issues), the common theme was that IT was a complicated, expensive business.

I’d often hear about someone who was charged an huge sum of money for a problem that I didn’t think was worthy of the price tag attached to it.

I also realised that an enormous amount of jargon is used with the sole aim of confusing and making sure that people were disinterested in learning or utilising technology, this is a shame.

Having worked in IT since 1999, I was always fixing PCs for friends and work colleagues and they keep telling me that I should set up on my own so when I had my son in December 2007, I decided this was my chance to give it a go.

And the main aim is to make it fair and affordable for all – and definitely no smoke or mirrors!

10¬†years later and Ibble IT is still going strong, the plan for world domination continues…