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Terms of Service (Websites) 

Revision date 01/11/18


  • I / My / Ibble - Hazel Spencer of Ibble IT
  • You / Customer - The recipient of the service
  • Provider - Any supplier other than Ibble IT.
  • ‘Content’ - the text you read when you look at a web page. Everything else is referred to as the ‘look and feel’

Term length and payment schedule

The initial fee to be paid up front. This didn't used to be the case however after a few occasions of non payment for completed work in the last couple of years payment on delivery is no longer an option.

At the end of the each year there are 2 options:

1) Keep the website as it is:

If there are no major changes to the look and feel of the website, then renewal is at 50% of the listed full price.


2) Major overhaul:

If you wish to have a major change of the look and feel of the website, then the full annual price will apply.There is no limit to how many times you can choose option 1.

What's included

~ "Just Host" Package: ~

  • Domain registration -All fees relating to the domain registration are included.
  • An SSL certificate (https://) is included so the communication between the user and the website is completely secure.
  • Hosting - The server on which the website and mailboxes exist This is a server I lease and has a guaranteed up time of 99.9% (0.1% of a year is 8 hours however I have not experienced any downtime in the 10 years I’ve leased from my provider)
  • Email addresses - Up to 5 email addresses. Each additional email address is a one off charge of £5 for creation.

~ "Ibble Makes, you maintain" ~

Everything as listed in the Just Host package, plus:

  • Website - Everything you see when you go to www….Up to 5 pages, £5 one off charge per page thereafter.
  • Minor changes throughout the year, if a change falls outside of this scope the charge will be discussed and agreed upon before any work commences.
  • Documentation - How to create\edit\delete:

-- Pages - The text on the webpage (The look and feel is automatically applied)

-- Posts - An article or news item

-- Menus - You can change the order of the menu on the page

-- Users - Giving individuals the ability to contribute to the website

-- Other - As and when required, all processes are documented

  • Organic SEO - This is the non-paid for optimisation of your site and submission of your site to google.

~ "Fully Managed" ~

Everything listed in "Ibble Makes, you maintain", Plus content updates during the year up to 20 hours.

Please note: Any work that is likely to incur extra cost will always be advised and pre-agreed before any work commences, you will never receive a surprise invoice. 

What's not included:

IT Support:


Issues with the website, server and service are covered however if the issue can be proven to not be server or service related (i.e. issue on the PC being used), this is not covered.


IT Support can be provided separately, please refer to the IT Support page for prices. 





Almost all website development can be done at no extra charge. On occasion there may be a function that is not free, for example receiving online orders or having premium features enabled for a certain function. 


In this event you will have the option to proceed with the paid for options and will be responsible for the costs. 


I will gladly purchase on your behalf and simply pass the costs on.Wherever possible I will always try to find a free way to meet requirements. 


SLA (Service Level Agreement):


I have 2 children and a full time job in addition to running Ibble, which means that I am not able to provide a contracted SLA, which is in part why my charges are much lower than other providers.


Emails are generally replied to within 2 - 24 hours, any major issues with the service (website / email) as soon as I am able - It may mean once I have returned home from work, but most issues are dealt with in short order.


All major work is scheduled during the evenings and weekends.


I will advise ahead of time if I am likely to be unavailable for a length of time (i.e. holiday). 


Advertising\Social Media


Whilst always happy to advise, I do not provide any inclusive services in relation to the setting up or management of advertising social media. If my workload at the time permits I am happy to provide one off jobs at my standard PC Support rate, please refer to the IT Support page for prices. 


The website and its content is owned by the customer. If there are no outstanding invoices a copy of the website can be provided at any time. 


Ibble does on occasion use paid for add ons (also known as Plugins and Widgets) purchased as a "multi site" licence (This means I pay for a licence that allows me to use their product on multiple websites) to create the best user experience possible, the charges of which are not passed on to the customer.


In the event that the website is to move to another provider, the responsibility of continuing the licencing falls on you\the new provider. 

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Hazel Spencer

Owner of Ibble IT